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Our users' opinions

"Very useful application that uses geolocation to indicate PMR spaces (accompanied by photos and comments) but also pharmacies, libraries, banks, shops."


"An application for the disabled, made by the disabled!
At last we understand each other, who better than handicapped people to know that it's really not ideal to get a wheelchair out of your car if the space isn't suitable. In short, an intelligent application for the disabled."


"Great app, easy to use and with great people involved, well done to the creators."


"In just 2 or 3 clicks, you'll find a vacancy, sometimes well hidden, that's great!"


"An excellent application that will make life easier for many disabled people and their carers to find a parking space as close as possible to their destination. This was missing, you've done it! BRAVO"


"This application is an opportunity, and a very important one, because we've been looking for an application referencing GIC spaces for a long time, except that until now, no application offered this service, which is nonetheless essential so that disabled people with reduced mobility no longer have to go round in circles several times before being able to park. A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in this wonderful project."


"Finally a practical, dynamic and collaborative app to help us find places easily. Very easy to add. We can easily plan our trips by spotting in advance where we'll be able to park."


"Ideal for finding a PMR space.
The application is online with Google Maps: great idea! It gives you immediate directions to the desired parking space."


"An accident in life and everything can become complicated. An application that helps us live our journeys better. Thank you."

Jean Pierre

"The app geolocates us and points out nearby PMR spaces, and what's more we can see a photo of the space."


"Super good app that allows us to park very quickly without searching for hours and we immediately have a photo bravo"


"A must-have application for finding a PSH parking space. Geolocation allows you to locate nearby spaces. Plus, photos show the location, which is a plus for seeing how accessible the surrounding area is."