BSmart: Philippe Croizon presents the VIP app on the Smart Impact TV show

Philippe Croizon and his partner Thierry Garot have launched the "Very Important Parking", or VIP, application. The aim? To help people with reduced mobility (PRM) to park, but not only: with the help of data, the application also lists accessible shops. It's also an opportunity to take a look at how society views disability.

JT de France 2: an application to identify parking spaces

VIP on France 2 news: On Monday January 29, "Une idée pour la France" (An idea for France) looks at an application for locating parking spaces for people with reduced mobility. In just a few clicks, disabled people who want to park can identify the spaces available on their route.

Very Important Parking at 1245 on M6

Find out more by watching the replay of the 1245 newscast on M6, broadcast on January 22, 2024!

French Tech: VIP on Good Morning Business (BFM)

This Tuesday, January 23, Philippe Croizon and Thierry Garot, co-founders of the VIP (Very Important Parking) application, spoke about the features of the "Very Important Parking" application, designed in particular for people with reduced mobility, on the Good Morning Business program, presented by Laure Closier and Christophe Jakubyszyn.

TF1 Journal de 13h: Handicap, the app of the future?

Check out the Replay of TF1's 13H newscast featuring the Very Important Parking app, on January 22, 2024!

TF1 - 50′ Inside "The portrait of Philippe Croizon, an example of resilience"

Philippe Croizon, 55, spent 30 years of his life with both arms and legs amputated after a terrible accident. A handicap that he has made his strength: in fact, it was by swimming across the English Channel that he became a household name in 2010. Behind the sporting feat, Isabelle Ithurburu reveals the man who pushes us to surpass ourselves.